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Barbecue – Charcoal – Fuel

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Welcome to the Outdoor Barbecues section of our site.

For most of us, it is around this time of year that we dust off our chefs hats, polish the barbecue tools (including the ones which we are not sure what they are designed to do – but look good !) and think about embracing the elements in the name of social al fresco dining, aka – The Barbecue.

There are more stories about the origin of the word ‘Barbecue’ than you can shake a Steak at, but which ever one you believe, people the world over love them.

This section of our site is dedicated to bringing you lists and links to some of the best selling Barbecues, Smokers, Fuel and accessories sold on the internet in the UK every day.

So whether you are looking for a full-on Goliath with its own 4 hob, griddle and rotisserie area or a compact ‘heat and serve’ portable we have thousands of products and ideas listed to suit all tastes.

To find out more about any of the Barbecue sections listed above, simply click on the relevant images to see details of today’s best selling products over the internet in the UK in that product sector, plus a listing of product ideas and links to customer Reviews and any of today’s available special offers for those products.